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Obama Administration Admits Drone Attacks Killed 4 US Citizens | Common Dreams

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In a letter to senior members of Congress, Attorney General Eric Holder writes that in addition to the targeted assassination of cleric Anwar al-Aulaqi, since 2009, three other U.S. citizens—Samir Khan, Abd aI-Rahman Anwar…

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Amnesty International Refugees Article Continuing my recent theme of Human Rights and refugees, I have attached a link from Amnesty International. This is a really interesting piece regarding the difficulties refugees faced in 2012 and will continue to face in 2013. The article

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North African Instability Opens the Door for Kidnapping The instability in Egypt and Libya caused by the Arab Spring, coupled with the ongoing instability in Sudan, has caused massive upheavals of refugees in the region. Libya post-Gaddafi and Egypt post-Mubarak has led to a decentralization of authority

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Syrian Refugees Visual   This visual does an excellent job of displaying the extreme refugee crisis stemming from the Syrian Civil War. With over 1.5 million international refugees and a total of 4.25 million displaced persons, this conflict is clearly putting a

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Syrian Civil War Update

Syria’s Protracted Conflict Shows no Sign of Abating By Paul Danahar The above link is to an article which gives some of the best analysis on the Syrian conflict that I have seen to date; It outlines the growing futility

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Wealth Inequality in America

This video does an extremely effective job of putting wealth inequality into perspective. If you haven’t seen this video, I would urge you to take the time and watch it. The increasing wealth inequality stems in part from the unchecked

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Guantanamo: Potential Turning Point for the War on Terror   President Obama has reiterated his desire to close down the prison in Guantanamo Bay that is home to the infamous ‘detainees’ that the Bush administration designated to avoid treating suspected terrorists under due process of law. The question

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