Hello All! Welcome to the Issues in World Politics blog. My name is Ricky Schneider, and along with Dayton Tondre I am administering this blog. We are always open to outside writers contributing. Please feel free to submit articles to rs1588@txstate.edu, and they will be added to the content of the blog.

Dayton and I are International Relations Majors at Texas State University, and are collaborating on this blog to create a medium for ourselves, our peers, and our professors to engage in discussions, dialogues, and debates about some of the issues that we all face and will continue to face into the future.

We welcome all contributions, whether in the form of comments, likes, online sharing, or the submission of articles.

Thank you all for your support,

Ricky Schneider.

2 comments on “About
  1. Jace Waechter says:

    My name is Jace Waechter and I am an IR major. I think I even had a class with Ricky in Dr. Cooper political geography class. Anyways I was wondering if there are any clubs, organizations, or events that are related to our degree that I can be involved in or if you could direct me someone that knows. Catch is I live in Austin amd commute to San Marcos so that may hinder me some. Great blog by the way Im glad I found it. Thanks

    • rickys426 says:

      Hi Jace,

      There is the International Studies Club at Texas State, which can be found on facebook. There is also Sigma Iota Rho, which is an honors organization that is IR based. Both of these organizations sponsor events on campus for IR majors, including the Brown Bag Lunches where professors and other guest speakers who have experience in our field give a speech and do a meet and greet.

      Hope this helps some, and I’m glad you like the blog. Feel free to contribute an article if you feel like it, we are always looking to have new faces post here.


      Ricky Schneider

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